NJ Residential Solar Incentives

Even though solar projects are no longer eligible for rebates, all projects must be registered under the SREC Registration Program (SRP) in order to earn Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). SRECs represent all the clean energy benefits of electricity generated from a solar energy project. SRECs can be sold or traded separately from the power, providing owners a source of revenue to help offset the cost of installation. Learn more about SRECs and how they are generated.

Energy Efficiency First

Make sure your home or building is energy efficient before installing solar. Benefits of upgrading energy efficiency before installing solar include: improves comfort and safety, lowers energy bills, less renewable capacity needed, lowers upfront cost to install renewable energy. Click the image below to view the full size. Businesses should take advantage of the free Benchmarking services provided by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program to discover where there are opportunities to save on energy before installing solar.

Important Links

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10 Day Rule for Contractors and Registration in the SRP
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Rebated projects previously approved through the Renewable Energy Incentive Program (REIP) do not need to enroll in the SRP. Those projects will be registered upon system and REIP paperwork and process completion.