Solar Power Systems lower operating costs by reducing or eliminating your electric bill for the term of your business ownership.  Commercial solar systems average return on investment is 4 years. After that payback period your savings from not paying electric bills plus state incentives will result in an energy system that is earning a profit   Everyone talks about going green and the opportunity is now to take a huge step forward with a new solar System.   Along with our reliable partner the sun you will lower your operating costs all while reducing your carbon foot print.  Sustainable business is smart business.

This means:

  • Federal investment tax credit which is through 2016 is a one time credit for 30% of the cost of going solar
  • Earn renewable energy credits which can be sold for cash for 15 years
  • Reduce or eliminate your electric bills while hedging against certain rate increases
  • MACRS accelerated depreciation
  • Average commercial return on investment is 4 years with technology designed for decades

Trade Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) into Cash!

You will be paid for your environmental contribution: Solar Renewable Energy Certificates/Credits (REC‘s) are the environmental attributes also known as “Green Tags”, which represent your environmental contribution as a result of your solar electric production and a tool to monetize your solar investment.

Each time your solar electric system produces 1,000kWh of electricity or 1 Megawatt, you are issued an REC.  REC’s are tradable for cash. From the first month your system is operational, it will be generating this additional source of income. NJ & CT Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) – are among the most aggressive in the country – requiring the State’s electricity suppliers provide a certain portion of their electricity from solar power. They must use the REC program to meet this requirement. This program substantially increases the return on your investment in solar electricity. Electric companies are mandated to pay you REC’s for the solar electricity you produce!


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